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Princeton, USA, 1987.

Lives and works in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and New York, USA.


Gabriel Jaguaribe Giucci is a visual artist with an emphasis on drawing and painting. Seeking to connect his personal experience with the current political and cultural contexts, his visual themes explore scenes and critical portraits of Brazilian political life, landscapes that survive amid ecological devastation and subjective portraits of various people. Among the exhibitions in which he participated, the following stand out: “Farra dos Guardanapos”, Galeria Aymoré (Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 2018; “In-Dissonance”, The John Slade Ely House for Contemporary Art (New Haven, Connecticut, USA, 2014); “Black and White”, Fondazione Valerio Riva (Venice, Italy, 2013); “Monolitos”, Galeria Portasvilaseca (Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 2011); “What chooses you, moves you and reaches the world”, Espaço Apis (Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 2012); “Rio Nova Arte”, BNDES (Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 2011), “Registro de ocorrência”, Galeria Portasvilaseca (Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 2010); “Embaixada Pernambuco”, Solar de Santa (Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 2008). In 2015 he was nominated for the PIPA Award, and in 2021 he participated in the Further on Air artistic residency in Amagansett, New York.


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