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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1970.

Lives and works in Serra do Cipó, Brazil.

Gisele Camargo is an award-winning artist who graduated in Visual Arts at UFRJ – Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and worked as an assistant painter for artist Elizabeth Jobim. Her work is focused on subjects such as: landscape, spaces, architecture, and often portrays empty landscapes or places without time reference. With straight angles and contrasts between light and shadow, the artist occupies the exhibition spaces creating fluid narratives. She participated in exhibitions such as Cruzamentos – Arte Contemporânea Brasileira, curated by Jennifer Lange, Chris Stults and Paulo Venancio Filho, at the Wexner Center for the Arts in Ohio, United States, Nova Arte Nova, curated by Paulo Venancio Filho, at Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, and Falsa Espera [Waiting in Vain], at MAC – Museum of Contemporary Art in Rio de Janeiro. The book Falsa Espera [Waiting in Vain] about her work was released in 2013 by publisher Barléu Edições.



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