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Bruna Vieira, Diego Uribbe, Duke Capellão, João Tolentino and Rodrigo Kalache

Since 2010, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Coletivo MUDA is an art collective from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. They are focused on experimenting with modules, geometries, colors, materials and with the industry, urban spaces, human relations... The constant and pragmatic experimentation with tiles create connection and intimacy with this material, establishing a dialogue between art and industry. Two members of Coletivo MUDA — Bruna Vieira and Rodrigo Kalache — joined Further On Air Residency Program for about 40 days to create, experiment, produce and also to install some of the pieces made there. During this program, MUDA collective developed site-specific commissioned works, and other artworks of the series Points, overlaying new ranges of colors and shapes. All of the works were made with ceramic tiles which were cut by the artists themselves by the use of hand tools. They were also hand painted with mineral ink and fired in the ceramic kiln provided by Further On Air. The challenge of the new environment was translated to the works by the use of colors, shapes and different kinds of relations created by the material. "The outcomes of this experience are new friends, different ideas and a lot of inspiration"


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