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Beom Jun Kim

Letícia Wouk Almino

Beom Jun Kim and Letícia Wouk Almino live and work in Brooklyn, NY, USA.

photo: Emily Loughlin

Beom Jun and Letícia run a Brooklyn-based design firm: waks works. They make sculptural objects working primarily in ceramics and wood. Their work is an exploration of form, color, shape, and texture as informed by their interests in architecture, art, and the built environment. Beom Jun and Letícia believe in the art of elevating everyday objects. They received their Masters degree in architecture from the Yale School of Architecture, where they met in 2008. Together they also run a parallel architecture studio, wa.k studio. Beom Jun teaches architectural design, augmented reality and virtual reality at the Spitzer School of Architecture (CUNY), Barnard College, and Yale University. He also serves on the board of the Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP). Letícia teaches architectural representation at Pratt Institute. Both Letícia and Beom Jun are registered architects in the state of New York. Beom Jun and Letícia currently live in Brooklyn and work out of their studio at Industry City in Sunset Park.


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